Illuminate Your Brand

Transforming Your presence to Reach Your brightest future



Illuminate Your Brand

Transforming Your presence to Reach Your brightest future



We are craftsmen of creativity always hunting for most brilliant visual identities for businesses

Logo Design & Brand Identity

First impressions are crucial.

Within 3 seconds of seeing your brand your audience has already made an opinion about you. That's a lot of potential success hanging on your visual personality.

We love getting to know our clients to fully understand their business, its core values and its future.  This allows us to create a brand with rich personality that gives an impacting first impression every time, and a visual personality that:

Stands Out To Your Audience

Perfectly Defines Your Business

Sets You Apart From The Rest


While many branding agencies provide a generic logo with limited revisions, we strive to deliver brands with intelligent visual personalities that immediately capture the attention of their audience, making them feel known and confident in who you are.

We dig deep to create brands that are true to the business' values, clearly communicate their purpose & future, and are cleverly memorable.

Branding & Identity Package

That's why more people are trusting us for their brand's personality


Our Process: Logo Design & Brand Identity

Our Process: Logo Design & Brand Identity

Our Branding Process



We ask the right questions (usually over lunch or a coffee) to uncover the truth about why you need a new visual personality & exactly what it is you're trying to achieve. Some of these questions may seem a little uncomfortable. In fact, if it doesn't get a little awkward, then chances are we haven't done our job.



Once we have all the information we need, we'll create some digital concept sketches so we can all get on the same page very quickly about what it is we're trying to communicate and the best way to present your brand & services or products.


From a concept we both agree on, we begin refining and smoothing out the ideas into a bold new brand & Mood Board ready to turn heads anywhere. This usually requires several revisions and iterations with your approval every step of the way.


This is where we design any promotional material we both agreed were necessary for your business – e.g. responsive website, business cards, social media profile logo, shirts, custom ink stamps, etc. The possibilities are endless.


Very importantly, we craft your design into different "lockups" so that you look good in any context or background – square, rectangle, tiny, huge, black, white, full colour, web, print, spot colour – completing the design of your visual personality! We give you all your logo lockups in an online folder & on an awesome USB with the original design files, too.
You're ready to dominate the world!


We're dedicated to delivering only the best to our clients.  This requires a proven plan, a commitment to quality and an agenda to boost your business above the rest.


What To Expect: Logo Design & Brand Identity

What To Expect: Logo Design & Brand Identity


Expect a Brand Identity that...


your audience

Tell your audience that they are known & understood with an identity that resonates with them


Encourage your brand loyalty through a strategic & strong visual personality

Sets your
business apart

Show the world what sets apart your product or service from your competitors

Makes you

Rest assured, we take great care in making your brand memorable in any environment


Our visual personalities include:

  • Full Logo Design & Brand Identity
  • Responsive Web Design & Development
  • Social Media Profile Images
  • Business Card Design
  • Branding Guideline (for other advertisers)
  • Everything delivered on the cloud & an Eco-friendly USB

...but, shhh, want to know a little secret?
We happily shift our package and add extras to fit the needs of our clients.


Join Our Clients: Logo Design & Brand Identity

Join Our Clients: Logo Design & Brand Identity


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