Branding & Identity


Branding & Identity


Getting Your Image Nailed Down


First impressions are crucial.  Studies show that someone’s opinion of you is pretty much finalized in the first 5 seconds of meeting you.  That’s a lot of responsibility for a logo to carry before that person even meets the people or the business behind it.

A business' logo, graphic and colours are the first things people connect with emotionally when they see your business.  People most often are drawn to do business with someone who has an appealing, interesting and simple logo that also resonates with what they're looking for.  If your logo can clearly and quickly illustrate who you are and what you’re about then, chances are, you’ve got a customer!

Logo Design & Brand Identity

We love building relationships with our clients, not as "clients" but as people.  We believe this helps us immensely in being able to nail down what kind of colours and graphics best describe them and their business.  The feedback we’ve gotten so far has told us that we’re doing the right thing!


We were asked to produce a logo for a local ministry here in the Northern Sydney region.  We already had a good relationship with these folks so we had a pretty good idea of what would describe them well to outsiders.  We used a fluid, cursive text (actually handwritten) and a flat colour.  After the process was finished, we thought it turned out pretty well.

They loved it!  A couple of months later we received a comment from the marketing overseer of a large, internationally known non-profit who said, "Wow! That's a really nice logo and it represents that ministry brilliantly. Well done!”

extending & enhancing your market presence

Branding is about being consistent. When you send invoices, emails, give out your business card, envelopes…you want consistency across the board with your logo and a neat, clean and nice brand for everyone to see, recognize and connect with.  Studies show that people are more likely to approach a business with clear and consistent branding than someone who's been in the market much longer but doesn’t have the same consistency.

Branding & Identity Package

— Logo design
— Revisions
— Business card design
— Letterhead and envelope design
— Branding guideline (for other advertisers)
— Social media profile images and cover photos (see below)
— Your files delivered on a brilliant (and eco-friendly) King Designs USB

Social Media Integration

Having a website is a great start for a business, but a website only takes care of one avenue of your online presence.  Making use of social media networks and other online media elements gives your business a boost and advertises your services in the “town center”, so to speak, of the online universe.  Basic rule-of-thumb for advertising – advertise where the people are.

Research has found that half of internet users (48% to be exact) want to check out a business' social network page as a valued part of their decision in whether they want to do business with them.  That's a huge potential customer percentage for just having a social media account!

We provide a full integration of your website with social media accounts and websites in order to boost your consistency, presence and reputation among the online community, which is where most of your customers will be introduced to you.

As part of your business with us, we integrate with as many social media accounts as will apply to you.  Feel free to check out King Designs' social media buttons at the bottom of this page for examples of how your business can make an entry in the social media world.

— Facebook
— Google+
— Twitter
— Instagram
— Youtube
— Vimeo
— Linkedin

*For photo and video social media (for example, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) we can work with you on developing the best strategic content for posting!

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Recent Projects

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Below you’ll find a bunch of our clients and the graphics we’ve provided for them.  Check them out and chat with us about starting your journey with us today.


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