Nice To Meet You


Nice To Meet You


What Gets Us Going


King Designs was established in 2015 from a desire to serve trades, small businesses and non-profits, not just with brilliant web, graphics and advertisement services, but with excellence, passion and reputation at a cost that’s affordable for businesses.  Whether you're a business that's just starting out or a business that's looking to enhance your visual representation in the current market, we've got you covered!

We love serving our clients with quality work and enjoy watching their resulting growth in reputation, web popularity (SEO) and market presence.  From minor web maintenance to our full-scale marketing solution (affectionately referred to as The White Lion), we are thrilled with everything we put our hands to.  We invite you to connect with our team who are full of passion, enthusiasm and awesome marketing ideas, making your chats with us easy and professional.


Our Values

Our Values


The Heart of the Matter


Our projects are created with the utmost care and quality, made possible simply from the following values that we hold dear.  We believe these values make us a wonderful bunch of creatives making your experience with us easy, clear and stress free.

Quality Marketing Services


We want to produce the best possible work for our clients — that's you!  With our team of experienced (and incredibly talented) creatives we produce outcomes specifically crafted for your business' requirements.


We were approached by a local family organisation to create for them a logo as well as business cards and event brochures.  This organisation is in partnership with government bodies and facilitates the building of communities and families in their local area through playgroups, family fun days, and many other regional events.  They needed a logo that says, "we're family friendly!" to local families but says, "we're organised and professional" to the endorsing government bodies.  We used a clean and simple design along with a soft colour to communicate safety and a homely, friendly atmosphere at their facility.

They loved it! The staff said that it makes them feel happy to be apart of this organisation.  The families said it makes them feel comforted and safe knowing that there's an friendly organisation "in their backyard" that cares about their needs, is committed to helping them in whatever way they can and welcomes them at any time.


FUN (Because no one likes a sour web designer)

We love having fun and are full of joy, which helps inject personality and creativity into our craftsmanships and also causes us to cherish and care for your business like you cherish it!

Meet our team and check out our hobbies and lunchtime pranks we pull on each other.

Extra Mile


Only doing what’s required makes for very tired and uncreative minds, and that, very quickly.  We love putting in more than what’s required because that’s what makes us us and what makes our service unique!

We don’t really have a “cap” on how many alternatives we try to find for you without charging.  We really do just want to serve your business and make you happy even if it means putting in the hours to find something that resonates with you.  A good box of donuts will give that extra kick to get us through!

However, we actually want to form a relationship with you personally so that in getting to know you we find out what really makes you uniquely you, what the heart of your business is and what makes you stand out among a sea of others.  We usually find that, through this method, we’re able to find a pretty good solution for you the first time around.

So, for our first encounter, let us shout you lunch and we’ll have a chat about how we can serve your business!

Creative Marketing Services


A machine can do the work of 10 people, but 1 craftsman can form something that no machine can duplicate.
— Unknown

Our team holds the value for creativity dear and as such we strive to bring you creations that are vibrant, full of character, represent your business, and that also catch the eye of your audience.



We love honest communication and so we make our best efforts to remain as transparent as possible with our clients in terms of keeping them up to date, business activity, quotes and ideas.  This also means that we only want to serve integrity-filled business owners who actually provide something that the current market desires. Being kind and happy is definitely a bonus to work with!



We know that not having a plan is often a recipe for disaster — anyone who has travelled Sydney’s roads has experienced this.  So, while it is possible to “just whip up” a web design or graphic, the best and most rewarding work is birthed when time is taken to plan.

Our planning process is not overly extensive, in fact, it’s quite simple. However, it’s a vital part of what makes our work the quality it is because this is the stage where most ideas and creations are formed.  This is one of our most favourite stages in our conversations with our clients — and it’s their’s too!

The King Team

The King Team


flying solo...han solo


Jackson is passionate about running, music, snowboarding and loving people, and there’s few things that he likes more than a good BBQ breakfast and a cup of English Breakfast tea.  He enjoys building things from reclaimed wood and also a good prank on friends…usually involving a good scare or some hot sauce. Early mornings are also a favourite.

He started getting involved with logo and graphics design in January of 2013 while in Redding, California attending Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.  He started with designing logos and event banners, and in June of that year began overseeing the marketing advertisement department of a non-profit organization. The organization needed a total revamp of visual identity and communication avenues, leading him to undertake, initiate and design projects to cater to these needs effectively.

Logo & graphic designs, responsive website design, SEO, video media, podcasting, editorial authoring, frequent event banners, monthly member e-newsletters and printed bulletins were just the beginning of the tasks that he undertook.  It's a little bit humorous but during these first few months his graphics were done solely using Apple's Pages application. Yes, that's right, a word processor.  However, that season was short lived and he moved on to high-end professional graphics and web programs, excelling rapidly in quality and creativity.  In February of 2015 opportunities opened up for Jackson to start branching out into providing web and graphics services for small businesses and other non-profits around Sydney and Australia.  

After forecasting where this growth and increasing opportunities were going, it made sense to form a businesses whose heartbeat was to provide brilliant marketing services to new and growing businesses and organisations.  Thus, King Designs was proudly born and currently serves a range of clients all over Australia.