Good to Meet You!

We're a passionate & fun bunch



Good to Meet You!

We're a passionate & fun bunch



No one likes a sour designer. Don't worry, we're not like those ones

Logo Design & Brand Identity

King Designs was established in 2015 from a desire to serve all kinds of businesses with excellence, passion and reputation in brilliant web, graphics and marketing services.

Whether a zealous entrepreneur or a business that's looking to advance their position in their industry, we want to give the most positive boost possible to what they offer the world.


We love serving our clients with quality services and enjoy watching the results as their businesses gain ground and grow.

From minor web maintenance to our all-in-one brand personality solution, our clients are thrilled with everything we've put our hands to. 

We invite you to connect with us. We're full of passion and enthusiasm with awesome design & marketing ideas.


Our Values: Overview

Our Values: Overview


Our values are our core engine

Our projects are created with the utmost care and quality, made possible simply from the following values that we hold dear.  We believe these values make us a wonderful bunch of creatives making our clients' experience with us easy, enjoyable and stress-free.


Our Values

Our Values



We want to produce the best possible work for our clients.

With our team of experienced (and incredibly talented) creatives we make every effort to produce brilliant outcomes specifically crafted for needs of our clients & targeted to achieve their goals.


Our team holds the value for innovative & original creativity dear. As such we strive to make creations that are vibrant, full of character, represent our clients well, and that also catch the eye of their audience.

Without it, we're left with 'boring'...and boring is ugly...and boring.


(because no one likes a sour designer)

That leads us to this value. We love having fun and are full of joy. We live off it. It's what helps inject creativity & personality into all our projects. It also helps us to dream with our clients and be passionate about their business like they are!

You should visit a design agency that's outlawed fun. You'd rather be in a bank queue.


We love honest communication and so we make our best efforts to remain as transparent as possible with our clients in keeping them up to date with their projects, pricing, strategies and ideas. This means that we expect our clients to be equally upfront as we only work with integrity-filled people who actually offer something that benefits the market and improves the quality of life.


The Extra Mile

Only doing whats required makes for uncreative & unmotivated minds – and that very quickly. We love putting in more than what’s required because that’s what makes us, us!

We really do just want to provide our clients the best service possible and make them happy 🙂...even if it means putting in some extra hours. A good box of donuts will give that extra kick to get us through!


We know that not having a plan is often a recipe for disaster — anyone who has travelled Sydney’s roads here in Australia has experienced this.

We don't "just whip up" a website design or brand. The work that gets the best results is birthed when time is taken to plan.

Our planning process is not complicated, in fact it’s quite simple but it works wonders.
Check out our Web Design process or Branding process.